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"Best teachers around.  The staffs' warm good mornings and sweet nature has to be our favorite." - Marin

"Magpie teachers consistently show up with warmth, love patience day in and day out.  Students know they're cared for and their needs are met.  We love you all so much and can't thank you enough for making these first years of education so positive and enriching." - Sara

"From the tiny details that go into making such a warm, peaceful, welcoming environment to the daily projects and weekly themes - we are so happy that we are a part of the LMP family!" - Rachel

"The teachers are always happy to see the kids (and parents)!  The feeling is so mutual.  We love the LMP teachers times infinity." - Mari

"Every teacher is so kind, intentional and truly cares for each child.  They know what each child needs to get them through the door and immersed into the day no matter how shy the feel that day.  We love you LMP!" - Karen

"You guys are simply amazing.  So supportive, caring, nurturing, kind, calm, and patient! We don't know how you do it, but we are so grateful for how much you care for our littles.  You are giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to face this world.  Thank you for being you!" - Cameron

"It's easy to do all the great things once or twice, but each teacher at LMP consistently demonstrates these incredible qualities day in and day out.  I like to call it Magpie Magic.  Bravo and thank you." - Jordan

"Thank you so much for providing an environment where my son wants to come to school, knows he is loved by his teachers and leaves at the end of the day with stories of accomplishments, kindness and fun! We love you all!" - Ketrina

"LMP teachers always put so much thought and effort into planning the daily activities.  Thank you for being the very best starting point for my daughter.  At the end of the day, it's all about how you make her feel and that is safe and loved.  Thank you for al that you do!" - Lauren

"The individual attention to each and every tiny student amazes me every time I step into the building.  Without a doubt, this is the preschool I had always hoped to find." - Cindy

"The most incredible group of teachers!  We're just so grateful for all of the love, warmth, and joy you bring into the classroom for the kids.  The best!!" -A

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